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File Storage and Sharing for iPhones and iPads
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File Storage
and sharing for
iPhones & iPads
InterConneX is a file storage and management app for the iPhone & iPad. With InterConneX you can store your files on an iPhone & iPad, connect to and access files on Macs and other iDevices, share your files with other people, and protect access to your files.


  • Store Files Locally
  • File Sharing Between iOS Devices
  • Access Files on Macs
  • Exchange Files With Other Apps
  • Complete File Management Functions
  • Absolutely Free!
  • … and much more!

File Storage

File Storage on your iPad or iPhone

Usually on an iPhone or iPad, all of your files are stored within the app that created them. With InterConneX, you store, organize, and open all your files in a sharespace. Think of a sharespace as a container that stores your files in one location on your iDevice just like on a Mac. You can create as many sharespaces as you’d like and that your device can handle. Some can be private sharespaces, passcode protected for only you to access. Others can be public sharespaces that any user of the device can access.

File Management

File Management on your iPad or iPhone

Within in a sharespace you can organize your files into folders and manage them with standard file management tools. You can manage files directly on your iPad, iPhone or access them "live" from sharespaces on separate iOS devices. You can even access and copy files "live" from a Mac. Standard operations include move, copy, rename, delete, group. Advanced actions include ZIP compress/extract, preview, email, and copy to/from Photos library.

File Sharing

Share files between iPads and Macs

In addition to storing and managing files, InterConneX allows you to share your files and folders between other iPhones & iPads running InterConneX and Macs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. Create multiple sharespaces and restrict other users' access to those sharespaces, allowing you to share files with friends and coworkers. Turn your iOS device into a mini file server or mobile backup storage!


Download on the App Store

Available for FREE from the App Store.