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Entry-level Mac synchronization and backup
ChronoSync Express logo text
Entry-level backup
and synchronization
for Mac OS X
Only $29.99!
ChronoSync Express is the entry-level version of ChronoSync, the complete file synchronization and backup utility for Mac OS X. It offers a reduced feature set at a reduced price. Most of your backup and file synchronization needs can be met with ChronoSync Express. If you need more power and flexibility, you can choose ChronoSync instead.


  • Folder Synchronization
  • Standard Backup
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Sync & Backup Previews with Trial Sync
  • Archiving Replaced & Deleted Files
  • Full User Interface for Restoring
  • Extensive Rule System for File Filtering
  • Explicit Exclusions and Forced Copies
  • Local and Email Notifications
  • High-Performance File Copying
  • Compatible with ChronoAgent & InterConneX
  • … and much more!

ChronoSync Express vs. ChronoSync

Feature CSX CS
Backup or sync files in your Home folder. checkmark checkmark
Backup or sync files in other user’s Home folders. checkmark
Backup or sync System files. checkmark
Creates bootable backups. checkmark
SmartScan Technology for faster syncs and backups. checkmark
Backup or sync to File Servers. checkmark checkmark
Automatically mount File Servers. checkmark checkmark
Mount File Servers with custom credentials. checkmark
Connect to other Macs via ChronoAgent. checkmark checkmark
Connect to iPads and iPhones via InterConneX. checkmark checkmark
Schedule syncs or backups at custom intervals. checkmark checkmark
Advanced Scheduling Options. checkmark
Wakes from sleep to run scheduled syncs or backups. checkmark
Execute scripts before, during, and after syncs and backups. checkmark
Post email and system notifications. checkmark checkmark
Send email notifications via third-party email clients. checkmark
Send Notifications to your iPhone via ChronoMonitor. checkmark checkmark
Full working trial version available. checkmark
Run on multiple Macs that you personally use. checkmark checkmark
*An earlier version of ChronoSync is available for 10.5 and greater.


What kind of synchronizations can ChronoSync Express perform?


Sync your Mac to another Mac

ChronoSync Express automates the old hassles of keeping your laptop and desktop computers in sync. If you are dealing with more than one Mac, no problem! ChronoSync Express can synchronize from a central Mac to multiple Macs. Whether it’s a few files or tens-of-thousands, ChronoSync Express is up to the task.


Sync your Mac to an iPhone or iPad

If you have a set of files that you need to keep synchronized between a Mac and an iPhone or iPad then the combination of ChronoSync Express and InterConneX is the answer. InterConneX is a free iOS app that connects directly to ChronoSync Express running on a Mac.


Sync your Mac to any device

If you need to sync files with a Windows PC, between a shared NAS, a central file server, a shared external hard drive, or whatever you can mount as a volume on your Mac, ChronoSync Express has got you covered.


Use a computer long enough and you WILL lose data. The only question is, how catastrophic will the loss be? Having a backup simply means that you have redundant copies of all your precious files. An effective backup strategy ensures these copies are current and readily accessible. ChronoSync Express can be an effective component of that strategy!


ChronoSync Express can backup specific file types, specific folders, or your entire home folder! Add ChronoAgent to the mix and it can even backup other user accounts and make bootable backups of your hard drive. It can handle most backup scenarios you can imagine.


ChronoSync Express can place backed up data on virtually anything you can connect to your Mac. This includes internal hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, other Macs, PC's, external drives, NAS drives or any other type of volume you can mount on your desktop. Perform remote backups by connecting to file servers using standard file sharing or use ChronoAgent. You can even backup to iPhones and iPads by combining ChronoSync and InterConneX!


The "Chrono" in ChronoSync refers to time — as in run your synchronizations any time you'd like. ChronoSync offers powerful scheduling capabilities that allow you to schedule any synchronization document to run at virtually any time interval you can imagine. Schedule as many documents as you'd like. You can even have the same document run at different time intervals. If your Mac is turned off and ChronoSync misses a schedule, it will make it up the next time you start your Mac. You can even have ChronoSync wake up your Mac to run a scheduled synchronization! ChronoSync supports event-based schedules, too. For example, you can trigger a synchronization to run when a drive is connected to your computer or when you mount a specific file server.

Customize your sync scheduling options

Synchronizer or Container documents can be scheduled to run any minute, hour, day, week, month, or any combination you can come up with.


Download on the App Store

Available for $29.99 USD from the Mac App Store.